Looking for a netbook priced beneath $100? Look no further.

Looking for a netbook priced beneath $100? Look no further.

Budget-priced netbooks are all the rave. Offering much of the same functionality that your  standard laptop delivers, at a significantly less expense to your bank account, netbooks are compact mini-laptops that provide the convenient portability many of us demand in  these rapidly moving times.

While they’re stripped of certain amenities we find in the typical laptop – a DVD drive, for example – they’re wifi-enabled and perfect for library-bound students or employees who need only access to the internet.

The Android-powered EasyPC E790 was just announced, coming with a pricetag that will put on a smile on those hunkering down in these trying economic times. Coming from Menq, a China-based company, this netbook is priced at $89. It’s equipped with a 7-inch screen, 400Mhz Arm9 processor, and 128MB of ram ( more than enough to run Adroid ).


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