New Verizon iPhone commerical takes shots at AT&T.

New Verizon iPhone commerical takes shots at AT&T.

Can you hear me now?
We all know that magical slogan from Verizon Wireless: “Can you hear me now?” Well Verizon has decide to take that slogan to a who new level with the introduction of the iPhone 4. They are taking shots at AT&T’s network in a new commercial for the iPhone 4. Most people are well aware that the AT&T iPhone 4 has a had troubles with dropped calls and well Verizon Wireless is set to dramatically reduce that problem current AT&T iPhone 4 customers have.
The breakdown of the commercial is simple. It starts with the camera panning over the iPhone with conquering type music playing in the background with a voice over saying this:

“It’s beautiful.”

“It’s intelligent.”


Then the music speeds up.

“But does your network, work?”

A call comes in. And the person answering the call is revealed. It’s the Verizon guy!

“Yes. I can hear you now.”

Below is the video for you to watch and enjoy!

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