Thunderbolt is coming

Thunderbolt is coming

Apple and Intel presented Thunderbolt on Thursday, which is a new wired connection technology that combines data transfer and video output capabilities. It seems that this will actually be standard on the new Macbook Pro models, and will be replacing the Mini Displayport. Thunderbolt like Firewire allows users to transfer lots of media very fast between devices and with a very low latency and extremely high data preservation. What this means is that what you put in through one end will come out exactly the same on the other. This is what professional photo; video and graphic design professionals need to do their jobs at the best of their abilities.

The next thought is that this technology will take off and be put in digital cameras and recorders. Thunderbolt will also be able to use optical cables which can be built longer than copper-based ones, for example a hardwired networked studio or office.

Another big deal with Thunderbolt is that it supports daisy-chaining and display connections. So you can plug a hard drive into a thunderbolt port and then plug a monitor into that drive if it also has a Thunderbolt port and get this with no loss of any bandwith!

This is just some of the amazing things Thunderbolt can do. I will be keeping an eye on this technology and give you anymore updates I have as they come along!

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