Apple in the works of unlimited usage of music downloads

Apple in the works of unlimited usage of music downloads

With Apple introducing yet another device to its unbelievable line up devices, Apple is currently in talks with major record companies across multiple devices. So far Apple has been negotiating with companies including Vivendi SA Universal Music group EMI Group Ltd, Warner Music Group Corp, and Sony Music Entertainment and an agreement could be announced as early as midyear said some sources close to the negotiations.

What this arrangement would do is give users more flexibility in how they access music. Apple and the record labels are trying to find more ways to keep the demand for music downloading popular with services like Pandora who don’t sell music but yet let individual’s stream music from whatever device supports it.

This deal would give iTunes users the ability to have a permanent backup of the music you purchase if the originals are lost or damaged. This would also allow downloads to the multiple Apple devices such as the iPad, iPod and iPhone that are linked to the same accounts. This would move them a step closer to a universal access to content stored directly on the net.

Everyone is being hush on the situation, no groups have officially spoken on what this deal will actually entail, and at this point it is really based on speculation and what I have read from other sources.

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