Nintendo… It’s time for change

Nintendo… It’s time for change

Nintendo needs to change things up and they need to do it fast! The stock has fallen another 5% after they released a new set of games to try and get people to buy their newest handheld, the 3DS. The problem is the niche that Nintendo once went for is falling to the the era of the mobile phone gaming. Free games, cheaper games, all that people like my mother could play at the fraction of the cost of a Nintendo 3DS game. With Nintendo losing this market it is time for a change. It is time to go after the hardcore gamers more, the RPG nuts etc. Sony and Microsoft seem to be able to stay afloat and not do as poorly as Nintendo has done, and why is that? Because they cater to the hardcore gamer. I grew up with Nintendo and I still have love for them, but sadly, I don’t have a 3DS. Why you ask? It doesn’t interest me and I already have my phone which can entertain me just as much as a 3DS could and I don’t have to spend $149 dollars plus $30-50 in games. I can download free angry birds and be content. Breaking down the walls of Nintendo’s old school thoughts are going to be hard to do in my opinion. However money typically sways things and with the shares falling and investors looking for a change could we finally see Nintendo start to go after the hardcore gamer more?

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