Apple being sued for $5 mill due to double billing

Apple being sued for $5 mill due to double billing

In this fast pace world where we want things to happen in a push of a button and sometimes with that push of a button maybe we don’t pay attention to what could happen if we are careless. Well this story is about a man who bought a crappy song from Apple and was charged twice for it. Not only that but Robert Herkowitz feels that this happens too often and had filed a class action lawsuit against Apple for a sum of 5 million dollars. Alleging that the company ‘double-bills’ for purchases made on iTunes with “troubling regularity” and that the company’s “illegal” policies also apply to other digital stores like the App Store, the iBookstore and the Mac App Store.
Apple’s refund policy clearly states that Apple does not provide refunds in the event of a price reduction or promotional offering. Charging twice for a digital song, book or movie does not fall under that policy because its own terms limit it to price discount events only, Herskowitz asserts. So Apple wouldn’t refund him and if you are not paying attention to your account you could also be double charged and could possibly jump into this lawsuit. So keep a close eye on it.

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