Apple working on Retina displays for iMac and Macbook Airs

Apple working on Retina displays for iMac and Macbook Airs

9to5 Mac reported on Monday that the new 15 inch Macbook Pro would come with a retina display. Well they have come back today to state that their sources are saying that Apple is working on getting their retina display technology into the iMac and Macbook Airs.
Apple’s new MacBook Air will not see big changes across the entire computer like the next-generation MacBook Pro, but the update will be all about the Retina Display. The MacBook Air form-factor to date is less than 2 years old. Just like the new iPad added components such as an A5X processor and 5MP camera to support the headlining 2048 x 1536 Retina Display, the new MacBook Air’s other advanced components will be built-around the presentation of its beautiful new screen.
Apple is working on a new 11.6-inch and 13.3-inch models. These new Airs lack major design changes, but feature fast and power-efficient Ivy Bridge processors and improved graphics engines to support the Retina Display, according to supply chain sources. The new Airs will also use enhanced Apple internal battery technology in order to support the battery life required by high-pixel-density screens such as the Retina Display, according to sources familiar with prototype versions of the super-thin notebook’s internal components.
Added to the higher-resolution MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs, sources say that higher-resolution iMac display panels have been spotted in the supply chain, but a release timeline was not provided. Joanna Stern from ABC News has also heard that Apple is working on higher-resolution iMacs. We wouldn’t expect these Retina Display MacBook Airs and iMacs at WWDC like the MacBook Pros. Apple typically rolls out new general Mac features (such as these higher-resolution displays) over time.

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