The world of Social Networking revealed

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The world of Social Networking revealed

Every year the usage of social networking is revealed around the world.  Vincenzo Cosenza is a social media strategist who updates this map twice a year.  This happens on December and June and the numbers are not surprising although there are two countries that don’t have Facebook in the top spot.  That would be China and Russia.  As a matter of fact China is the only country that doesn’t have Facebook in their top 3 social networking sites.  The second and third social networking sites is a mix of twitter, linkden, and a bunch of other social networking sites I have never heard of.  Yea MySpace was not on the list if you wanted to know.  So there are some powerful numbers in here including the fact Facebook’s biggest following is not in the North America.  In fact Europe holds the top spot with 232 million users, North America behind them with 222 million users and Asia coming in at 219 million.  So what are your thoughts on the world of social media and the Facebook dominance?

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