A New Google Map is Coming


A New Google Map is Coming

Remember Apple maps? That was probably the biggest flop in smartphone history. Now, Google wants to try their hand at a new map.

Google is introducing a new Google Maps app coming to Android and Apple. Note they just released some Google Map design for Apple devices last year. I keep telling you tech based stuff you got last Christmas might be obsolete by this Christmas. If you’re a travel lover like I am, you can explore hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues, attractions, and other sites without even typing. I still find it creepy that my device knows what city I’m in.

There’s also a navigation app that gives you better routes in case of bad traffic. I know where I am, that will be extremely beneficial! There’s a review site where not only can you read reviews before you go, but you can post reviews after you go. Some people brag about Zagat, but I prefer to use more review sites, and not just take one as the gospel truth. Not only that, you can find discounts through this app. But Latitudes and check-ins will not be no longer be apart of this new app.

Well, it’s good to keep improving on what you have. And sometimes it’s good to leave well enough alone. But I’m trusting Google Maps to deliver the goods, based on their history and what I’ve seen of this already. There’s been times when I traveled and really depended on Google Maps get me out of some binds. What do you think of these new upcoming apps?

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