Driverless Cars?

driverless cars

Driverless Cars?

Recently, I entered a car with a friend. This new car was keyless, and almost everything was voice controlled. Needless to say, I was amazed! Well, I guess we haven’t seen anything yet.

According to the United Kingdom government, driverless cars will be tested throughout that nation late this year. That’s right. These cars will be controlled by sensors and cameras. One report believes these cars will reduce traffic and says driverless cars can control themselves using it’s own environmental instincts. Oxford U has been testing this technology for years. This technology will use lasers and cameras to ride the vehicle for the driver. Google, which has led this nation on the autonomous car movement, (look at Toyota Prius). While Sergey Brin, one of the Google founders, believes self-driving cars will improve life on the highway, he believes it will take around a decade before it goes into action. Ford and Audi are interested in this technology. Nevada, California and Florida have addressed legislation about the driverless vehicle.

At first this sounds like something of a sci-fi movie, but then I think of what’s already been accomplished. A car can literally park itself  (where was this during my road test back in high school?!) Remember when we thought GPS style mapping was something out of the future? Can you see yourself literally being driven to work by a machine without even touching a steering wheel, brake or gas pedal? So how outlandish is the self-driving car?

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