US Government Struggles with IT


US Government Struggles with IT

You might find this shocking (yeah, right) but there are many things the federal government struggles with. A competent IT system happens to be one of them.

They were lucky to launch their health care site. The struggle continues to make their IT new and efficient and to catch up with the times. For example, many agencies are still using Windows XP. Most bases didn’t even begin to get weened off of XP and on more modern Windows systems until last year. Keep in mind Windows XP was released in 2003. Their dependency on temporary contractors help matters very little. And they’re the ones who provide even the elementary services. About half the workforce is over 50, and 25% are around retirement age.

One would think it would be obvious. This is an opportune time to hire college graduates in IT to fulfill these voids. At a time when many a 20something are struggling to find work, mounting in debt, and moving back in with their parents, here is a golden opportunity that many can benefit off of. Hire IT/computer science majors! First of all, they’re up on the latest software and hardware and IT technology. Obviously they need the work. And the government needs the help. Whose going to train them? Well apparently most employees are over 50, so they have the experience to bring up the next generation. It may not solve the whole problem, but it would be a start. So what’s stopping them?

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