Where Does Microsoft Go From Here?


Where Does Microsoft Go From Here?

In June 2008, Bill Gates stepped down as CEO from Microsoft. Steve Ballmer took his place. Last year, Ballmer, much less known than his predecessor, announced he was stepping down as soon as his replacement was named. Now what?

For months now, there has been a rumor carousel going on about who that replacement will be. Ericsson CEO Hans Vestberg’s name has been thrown in the hat. So have names like Satya Nadella, Tony Bates, and Stephen Elop. Some say Bill Gates should come back as CEO. But he’s so busy with his philanthropy, especially with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This foundation, not only has helped millions of people, but has helped his reputation. It’s definitely made him look like a kinder more outgoing man, and less like a introverted out-of-touch computer geek.

Hey Microsoft, do you really want to shake things up? I have two ways you can do that. First, hire a woman or minority as Microsoft CEO. Look at how Yahoo is making a comeback with Marissa Meyer as the leader. Or you can persuade Bill Gates himself to come back as CEO. Most people don’t know who these other guys are, but Gates and Microsoft are synonymous. Plus, with all the great work he and his wife are doing worldwide, people will be more than happy to have him back, if he’s willing to come back. So I ask again: where does Microsoft leadership go from here?

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