Technology Dominates Valuable List


Technology Dominates Valuable List

It’s the time of the year Adweek comes out with it’s most valuable companies. Technology doesn’t impact the list; it takes the list over.

In the top 10 alone, six are technology related. Leading the pack are Google (#1), Apple (#2), IBM (#3) and Microsoft (#4), AT&T (#8), and Amazon (#10). Other tech/computer based brand that made the top 100 are Facebook, Twitter, Ebay, Verizon, Linkedin, Sap, T Mobile, Hewlett Packard, Yahoo, Intel, and many others. They looked at companies involving technology, cars, food, drink and restaurants, retail, banks/financial institutions among others. I guess we could bring Nike because their Fuel Brand is helping them go up. Many say Apple and Google are starting a modern day revelation, and that’s why they’re number one or two.

This shows you how powerful and important technology is today. And I’ve noticed a few things. The fact that AT&T is in the top 10…was that before or after the merger of Direct TV? I notice lots of China based tech companies are on here. Tencent ranked the highest of these companies, at #14. I notice Comcast isn’t on the list, nor is NBC/Universal. They’re also on the verge on a mega merge. It’s just an observation. One company we may never see up here is WWE( World Wrestling Entertainment). They just lost hundreds of millions of dollars launching their own network. But which tech company do you think should, or should not, make the top 100 most valuable list?

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