Crypto Virus: Focusing on Consumers and the Law


Crypto Virus: Focusing on Consumers and the Law

You may have heard of the crypto locker virus. This virus came about late last year and has affected thousands of people and businesses. One of the business types that has been infected is the law. Police offices, lawyers and the bunch have been hit hard by this infection.

Back in December, Geek Choice was featured in a news report from WBZ news to talk about the experience that people have with this virus. Geek Choice is focused on not only removing the virus, but saving your data. Typically people infected with this virus have a one percent success rate of recovering their data and even paying the ransom may not guarantee you get your files back. Because of this, Geek Choice recommends a data backup solution. This solution can be as easy as an external hard drive that you back up to on a scheduled basis or going up into the cloud and using a source like Carbonite to back your data up securely.

Geek Choice IT support for law firms has been helping many lawyers not only to protect their data but also prevent infections such as the crypto locker virus. Geek Choice also recommends a brand new product that we offer through Carbonite. This new appliance is set up to give you onsite data backup and cloud storage for redundancy of your files.

Please note that most people don’t think about how valuable their information is until it’s lost. This isn’t just for consumers, but businesses as well. Putting the focus on IT support for law firms, think about how tragic it would be if you lost your case files, client data and other vital information. Now that you’ve taken a minute to think about it, isn’t it worth contacting Geek Choice to find out how you can protect that data with just a simple phone call?

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