Sony Is Just The Beginning


Sony Is Just The Beginning

Yesterday, I talked about the hacking of Sony Pictures, a major Hollywood movie house. Many say this was done by North Korea because of an upcoming movie that spoofs on their dictator Kim Jong Un. According to the FBI, Sony is just the beginning.

They and cyber security experts say the same malware used in the Sony attack is the first major destructive one against a US company on American soil. There’s been similar attacks in Asia and the Middle East. Cyber security expert Tom Kellermann calls it this kind of hacking  “…a watershed event”. An FBI report gave businesses a five page report on the malware used on the attack, gave them tips to combat it, and told them to advise the FBI if hit by this and other kinds of similar malware. Apparently, this malware is so potent it topples all hard drive data and makes them nearly impossible to even boot up. Last week’s attack on Sony did more than illegally release upcoming attractions for free download. It crippled email and other systems for nearly a week during one of the busiest times of the film industry year.

Here’s the scary part of this attack. Around this time of year, we’ve had attacks for the sole purpose of illegally getting money. Some hacks have been between two governments.  This seems to go far deeper. This is the kind of hacking that is revenge based, the most dangerous kind of all. That’s one reason I think the FBI is worried. The other is the potency of this malware. If it crippled a major motion picture house for a week, I shutter to think what this could do to a small business. I don’t talk about this to spread fear or panic. But I think we should take all protection necessary against any and all forms of malware. Isn’t it better to know something before it could happen than to wait until after it happens?


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