Could Iran Hack The US


Could Iran Hack The US

There has been news stories of American online infrastructure being the target of hacks from Russia, China, even North Korea. We might need to add another nation to the list. Could Iran hack the US?

That’s the FBI’s concern. They’re telling Americans to be alert for sophisticated Iranian hack attacks targeting defense contracting, energy companies and education facilities. This has been revealed by a FBI ‘Flash’ report. The report gives great details about malware and other techniques they plan to use and ways businesses can counter these attacks. Cyber experts and the Feds are also alarmed at the scope and determination this hacking campaign can be. The potential attacks and chatter are traced to two IP addresses in Iran. There is no hard evidence the Iranian government had anything to do with this, but it is widely speculated they are involved.Of course, Tehran is denying the allegations.  Anyone who has been hacked is urged to contact the FBI.

Remember when I said you can’t trust North Korea as far as you can throw them: You can’t trust the Iran government or leadership as far as you can shove them. We’re talking about Iran here: a nation ruled by sociopaths and psychopaths who call for the destruction of whole countries. Would you put it past people like that to shut down businesses? Plus, it’s been said that our power and technology infrastructure is well overdue for a makeover. Why isn’t anything being done about this or said about this? If we can spend taxpayer money to build colonies on Mars, surely we can protect our government and private businesses from threats like international hacking. The next time this administration tries to meet and patch things up with Iran, maybe they should talk to them about this hacking threat. What should and must be done?

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