Hilary Clinton vs Emails

Hilary Clinton vs Emails

Hilary Clinton vs Emails

As most of you know, former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton is considering a campaign for US President in 2016. But before she faces political opponents, she faces another: her own emails.

Reports are everywhere about Hilary Clinton using private email accounts for public government business during her tenure as Secretary of State. The computer server appeared to be a far more sophisticated account than typical email servers like Yahoo, which former political candidates like Mitt Romney were caught using for government business. Adding more fuel to this fire, it’s been discovered these emails went to her private server in her hometown of Chappaqua, New York. Most government officials use servers run by federal agencies for work purposes. Also keep in mind some of these emails were conducted during the Benghazi tragedy back in September 2012. Many Republicans, say this private account gave her power to remove and retain whatever she wanted. Now they want more subpoenas, especially on the Benghazi based emails. But between December 2014 and January 2015, Clinton submitted 55,000 pages of these private emails and 300 to the Benghazi Committee. Clinton tweeted she wants the public to see the rest of their emails, and asked the State to release them as soon as possible.

Let me make it clear: I AM NOT endorsing, promoting, or backing any political party or candidate. I just find it interesting that in today’s technology, even emails can make or break your political career. It’s perfectly legal for a government official to use private email accounts for business matters. But to do so in the midst of a possible preventable tragedy like Benghazi…that’s a little concerning to me. But then again, if a Republican candidate came under fire over primate emails, I’m sure the Democrats would react the same way. American politics is a contact sport. It has been since the Adams vs. Jefferson race of 1800 and I suspect it always will be. Now, 21st century communications are the new boxing gloves. Whose going to win this round?

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