Hilary Clinton’s Emails Released

hilary clintons emails released

Hilary Clinton’s Emails Released

As most of you know, Former First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State Hilary Rodham Clinton is running for US President in 2016. But there are some controversies surrounding her, like private emails.

The State Department is setting up a January 2016 deadline to release emails on her private server turned over to the agency she used to run. That includes all 55,000 of them. This January 2016 proposal addresses a lawsuit filed by Vice News demanding such emails. The email controversy has been a dark cloud over Hilary Clinton ever since she announced her candidacy for US President. While she wants public/work related emails released, she admits some emails her lawyers called private were erased. New York Times reveled Clinton’s email issues, and her team responded almost immediately. Some may ask, “Why is it taking months to reveal these emails?” According to State Department Information Program and Services director John Hackett, twelve staffers have been hired to review these emails. Now they’re scanning them in the records. This process alone takes five weeks. Also keep in mind there are 55,000 of them. The completion date should be around January 16, 2016.

Keep in mind the Iowa caucus, the unofficial journey start to the Democrat and Republican National Conventions, is on February 1, 2016. That’s two weeks removed from the email releases. Will it make a difference or impact? Only time will tell. I can’t stress this enough: This isn’t an endorsement of Hilary Clinton. Nor is this an endorsement of any of her Republican rivalries. But there’s a small lesson to be learned here. If you’re going to run for president, you better watch your emails. This is by no means Fmr. Secretary Clinton’s only concern, but this one has been following her. How important is this email issue to you as a voter (assuming you are a registered voter)? Do you think Republican candidates will submit their emails as well?

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