Introduce Uber Rush

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Introduce Uber Rush

Do you think Uber is causing havoc among the global taxi service industry? If you’re in the delivery serice, then you might be next!

Today, I’m here to introduce Uber Rush. Well, it came out last year, but that was just a test. Now, Uber Rush becomes official. The Uber Rush app will give you courier service, whether it be for an item left home or if you need lunch delivered to your desk. But soon and very soon, it could become the premier delivery service for small businesses across America. Uber Rush has just been in New York City, but they’re expanding to Chicago and San Francisco. Their couriers can rush small packages. They can bring lunch. They can even bring small business supplies, like books, clothes, and some raw materials. It’s just as easy as checking out on the app and getting the track link and status of arrival. It will cost five to seven dollars per Uber Rush delivery service. Most of that will go to the Uber driver/courier/bike messenger. Customers/businesses can either pay delivery costs up front or add it to a bill to be paid later. Uber Rush couriers will be specially trained.

So if Uber Rush is successful in these busy and thriving cities, it’ll take off across the US like wildfire. If I were FedEx, UPS, USPS, or running a food delivery service, I would be very concerned. The holiday shopping and delivery season isn’t that far away (don’t shoot the messenger). From stories I’ve read, some delivery services don’t have that good a reputation. This link is from one story that really made me sick. Is it a coincidence Uber is expanding it’s Rush service at this time of year? Do you see Uber Rush being competitive against major delivery services? How do you think the big boys will respond? I‘m not here to take sides either way, but how interesting could this get?

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