Introducing LuxMyPhoto

Introducing LuxMyPhoto

The holiday season means pictures…lots and lots of pictures. Everyone has that retentive friend or family member who needs that perfect photo. There is an app for him/her.

This is where website LuxMyPhoto comes in. LuxMyPhoto has an arsenal of professional photo editors at your commands. All you have to do is type in or click the command and push the button. Upload your photos to the website. Leave instructions to the editor. Then wait and watch what you get back. LuxMyPhoto left some bait for potential customers. Use Yahoo Tech’s Deal Seeker exclusive code 7J35NA. This code will get you 20% off for the rest of 2015. From the looks of it, you can edit just about anything on LuxMyPhoto. You can make the color background lighter or darker. You can remove wrinkles, and even alter body parts. Are there too many people in the background? This website can erase them. Are you taking pictures of pets? LuxMyPhoto can get rid of the grass in front of the pets’ face. If you’re taking corporate pictures for a job interview, it can even get the wrinkles out of your shirt. So you took a picture of your presentation and that pesky flower is in the middle? This website can get rid of it too. Prices start at $23 a photo; that’s before the pre-New Years’ discount.

I would use LuxMyPhoto for corporate/business photos, but that’s about it. For personal photos, this website just encourages fakeness. There’s something real about people in the background, a crying baby, snow on a dog, a bad pose, or bad lighting. Those are the best photos because often, they tell the best stories. There’s one when I beg them to wait until I was ready to have my picture taken, but they snapped the photo anyway. That picture tells a story. But that’s just me. Would you use LuxMyPhoto?

We at Geek Choice would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday.

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