Iran Wants To Control Data


Iran Wants To Control Data

As many of you know, Iran is one of the most isolated and censored nations in the world. Under strict sharia law, the people can’t enjoy many of the freedoms we Americans take for granted. This includes technology and social media.

The Iranian government blocks social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and You Tube. In recent years, more people have been using global software to access them. Maybe that’s why Iran’s government is making their move. Effective May 29, their government demands messaging apps to turn in the very citizens that use them. A data server will collect the names of the users. Immediately, people are calling foul. People say this new rule violates their privacy rights. The foreign messaging apps have a year to comply with the Iran’s Supreme Council on Cyberspace’s demands. This council is hand picked, member by member, by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Instant messaging service app Telegram is particularly in the bulls eye. Recently, this app has 20 million members. So basically, 1/4 of Iranians are connected to Telegram. Since November 2015, Iran policeman have arrested many Telegram administrators for promoting ‘immoral conduct’. Telegram users aren’t fooled. One user tweeted, “Telegram’s data centers are to be moved inside the country so they can delete what they want and arrest who they want.”

I think the only reason the Ayatollah’s Supreme Council even came up with this law is to go after Telegram and the technological freedom it gives people. For years, the Iranian people have been crying out for freedom. The powers that be don’t like it a bit. When Telegram administrators are getting arrested for ‘immorality’, you can best believe they’re not sharing pornographic websites. These administrators are leading to charge to break the yoke of censorship. The Iran Supreme Council on Cyberspace strikes back. But with the people’s will as strong as it is, I doubt they will prevail. What do you think Telegram’s next move will be?

We at Geek Choice would like to wish everyone a happy Memorial Day. We say thank you to those who fought for our freedoms. We remember those who never made it home.

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