Introducing HERB The Robot


Introducing HERB The Robot

I’ve talked about robots running hotels. I’ve talked about robots nursing patients back to health. Now, we’re introducing HERB the robot. He’ll be tending your butler services.

HERB, or Home Exploring Robot Butler, was built at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. This robot is geared to help the elderly and disabled with independent living. HERB will do small task for the resident. This robot can put away books, wash dishes, set a table, clear a table, get food out of the refrigerator, and other daily tasks. Those working on HERB are excited about the human like tendencies. “As we move robots into the home, the robot must be able to operate in much less structured human environments,” said Jennifer King, one of HERB’s creators. As good as HERB is, they want him to do better (I can’t believe I’m calling a robot a him). For example, they want HERB to get food out of the fridge without breaking other items in the fridge. HERB’s software help him navigate such tasks. That’s why HERB isn’t ready to make his public debut. They want to help him be a better servant to other people. In other words, they want him to be more human.

On one hand, it’s a good sale. On the other hand, that’s the scary part. According to this new article, robots could replace half of all jobs by the 2030s. Surely you know about the $15 minimum wage debate. Fast food chain Wendy’s responded. They responded by replacing minimum wage earners with robots and kiosks. Plus, robots will make less errors than humans will. This is the trend I fear. They want to help the disabled and elderly. That’s a noble cause! Wouldn’t it be more noble to give a human being that job and pay him/her a decent wage? And what about those who work in the health care industry? Wouldn’t it be more noble to let human workers work?

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