Twitter Purchases Magic Pony


Twitter Purchases Magic Pony

Early this morning, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey made an astounding announcement concerning his company. Twitter acquired Magic Pony Technology. What is Magic Pony Technology? Why does this matter?

Magic Pony Technology is a London based company. They specialize in machine tool learning and video improvement. This acquisition isn’t a cheap one. Some speculate they bought Magic Pony for $150 million. Magic Pony said they will help Twitter improve visual experiences. Jack Dorsey says Magic Pony will enhance Twitter’s live video experience. Twitter needs to. Consumers complain about Twitter’s live video availability. They’ve even been the subject of some jokes. They’re also competing with You Tube, Facebook and Snapchat for video streaming. It seems Twitter needs Magic Pony more than Magic Pony needs Twitter. This year, they demonstrated machine learning research. They demonstrated upgrades of low resolution videos by using regular graphics cards. The Magic Pony community doesn’t consists of couch potatoes in their mother’s basement. All eleven have PhD’s in computer science, computer neuroscience, and computer vision. Magic Pony co-founder Rob Bishop uses GPUs (graphics processing unit) and deep learning to improve graphics quality. Bishop is confident his company can improve picture quality on low resolution cameras. They want Twitter videos to be less blurry.

That’s how Magic Pony got that name. A magic pony is something nobody believes until they see it. Twitter better hope it happens. Magic Pony better make it happen. More people are switching from writing post to streaming them. The deep leaning process shows me Magic Pony puts considerable effort in their work. I believe Twitter did a lot of research and combing before acquiring a video improvement partner. At least I hope so. I normally don’t like mergers. But in this case, this isn’t a merger. This is a partnership. Will Magic Pony help Twitter’s video streaming woes? Can they?

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