Fitbit Reveals More Wrist Devices


Fitbit Reveals More Wrist Devices

The health giant Fitbit reveals more wrist devices. These devices seem to be good additions. They had better be. Smart watch and wrist watch technology is getting competitive.

Fitbit releases two new devices. The first is the Charge 2. It’s expected to go on sale in September. The Charge 2 is larger than the original. That could be a negative or positive, depending on who you ask. For me, a larger device means you’re less likely to lose it, and you won’t forget you’re wearing it. The screen is larger, too. Other features include mid-workout status, breathing features and a better heart rate monitor. Other than that, it’s really no difference than the original Charge. The Charge 2 will cost around $150.

Then there’s the Flex 2. It’s expected to go in sale in October. Flex 2 looks nothing like Charge, or any smart wrist device, for that matter. It’s the first Fitbit device that’s ‘swim-proof’. You can thank the automatic swim tracking feature. You can wear it in the shower, pool, ocean, etc. It includes alerts when your smartphone is near. It’s the first of the Fitbit family to include this feature. The Flex 2 will cost you around $100. They are available to the public in the next two months. But you can pre-order today.

It sounds like Flex 2 is the better buy. It’s cheaper, and it offers more. It does everything a heart rate monitor is supposed to do. But here, you can use this system in water. That’s more valuable than one might think. Flex needs to step up their game. They’ve already taken flack over failing heart rate monitors. I’ve check who has the best fitness tracker for 2016. Yes, Fibit is on the list. But so is Jawbone, Garmin, Misfit, Xiaomi, and Withings.  Fitbit has a lot on the line. Fitbit needs for these sales to be out of the park. I think they will do it with Flex 2. Will they do it with Charge 2?

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