Generation X and Technology


Generation X and Technology

I’m going to try and keep this tech based, so bear with me. Does it seems like Generation X (born between 1965-1980) is the forgotten generation? Does it seem so even when it comes to Generation X and technology?

I came across this article. The title has a naughty word, so reader discretion is advised. I’ll link it here. I don’t agree with everything Matt Honan says, but he has valid points. The technology we take for granted wouldn’t be here if not for Generation X. Our generation (I was born in 1978. I consider Generation X myself a Gen Xer) gave the world Google and Yahoo. We gave the world Ebay, PayPal, and Craigslist. Gen X gave you Twitter. Founders Jack Dorsey and Even Williams were born in the 1970s. We paved the way for the smartphone. The baby boomers may have invented the Internet in 1969, but Generation X made it relevant and part of daily life. Millennials like Mark Zuckerberg helped create social media. But remember chat rooms? Chat rooms of the 1990s paved the way for your Facebook, your You Tube, your Instagram. In fact, Generation X helped create tech hub Silicon Valley.

Yes, there was the crash of 2000, but Silicon Valley continues to thrive to this day. Generation X made that happen. Yet, it seems like everyone forgot about us. Baby boomers often get praised for changing the world. As well they should. Millennials get criticized for being spoiled and entitled. Well, look at the world they inherited. But Generation X hardly gets remembered at all, despite all that we’ve contributed to society, including technology. Even Gen Zers (those born after 1996) get more press than Generation X. Some of them are literally still in diapers.  In 1996, Time magazine came out with a special magazine: The 50 Greatest Baby Boomers of All-Time. This was to celebrate that generation’s 50th anniversary. In 2015, do you remember Time magazine coming out with The 50 Greatest Gen Xers of All-Time? Me either. What are some other tech contributions Gen Xers made?

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