The Dojo: Innovation From Necessity

The Dojo

The Dojo: Innovation From Necessity

Do I have any inventors in the house? If you’re a history buff like me, you know necessity is the mother of invention. This includes the IT service business.  However, one Israel father took the prize, especially with cyber security. So this is The Dojo: innovation from necessity.

So Yossi Atlas sees a Band-Aid on his daughter’s laptop [our Boston site is wonderful at getting laptops fixed]. She put the Band-Aid on because she fears someone is spying on her. Then he noticed she had the Band-Aid on the camera. That’s what did it for this dad. Now, Atlas works to protect his daughter.

He invented The Dojo. That’s a device protecting electronics from spying and surveillance. Then, he founded Dojo Labs in 2015. Atlas’ invention came at the perfect time. Because by 2021, the number of smartphones, smart TVs, laptops, tables, and other devices will double from what they are now. Just connect the Dojo to your WiFi router. It filters traffic and stops spying software, like a goalie blocking the opponent’s shot. They expect to release it to the US in March 2017. It may be already here. Furthermore, it will cost you $199 the first year, and $99 for ever additional year.

Not only could The Dojo protect his daughter, it could protect us all. This week, we learned our Samsung TV’s are spying on us. I often report on cyber crimes like sextortion. Think of how many times hackers compromised major stores chains and even health care companies. Furthermore, this affects tens of millions of people. Also, in October 2016, web traffic firm Dyan suffered a cyber attack. This attack nearly brought the US East Coast’s web infrastructure to it’s knees. Thankfully, it only remained down a few hours. But what if somebody brings the web down and it stays down for months? It sounds sensational and apocalyptic, but cyber security experts say it’s very possible and plausible.  Then you have governments like Russia, Iran and North Korea. They can use cyber warfare to shut ours website down. We’re in a dangerous world. Shouldn’t we protect ourselves? Will The Dojo help?

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