Nintendo Classic Sells Like Hotcakes

Nintendo Classic

Nintendo Classic Sells Like Hotcakes

Here in our Boston computer service shop gaming is a common topic. But what do we think when it comes to 2010s gaming? Do we think of Xbox, Playstation, or AI technology? Well then, have you thought of purchasing a Nintendo classic, like the ones we had in the 1980s? You’re not alone. Nintendo classic sells like hotcakes.

In fact, if you’re planning to get one on the cheap, then pack some patience. Because chances are you’re not getting one anytime soon, as in this year! Believe it or not. This was one of the hottest selling tech gadgets last year. Furthermore, sales show no signs of slowing down. In fact, from malls to Walmart’s (I don’t encourage Walmart shopping ever!) to electronic stores, it’s often sold out. Because it’s that popular.

Amazon sellers take advantage of this opportunity. Amazon sellers are offering the Nintendo classic for as low as $90. They were going for as low as $60, but those days are over. But this is still a good bargain. However, beware of frauds and scammers out there. They do exist, even on Amazon. Check the seller’s reviews and ratings thoroughly. Also, check and see if they actually have them. If they say ‘just launched’, avoid it! It’s likely a scam. Many of these sellers also offer classic games like Zelda, Super Mario Brothers, and Double Dragon.

So why talk about Nintendo on a tech website? Because tech and gaming have gone hand in hand, almost from the beginning. And why is this 1980s console so popular in the 2010s? Maybe because it’s simple. I sometimes play Xbox with friends. It very difficult to set up. It’s even more time consuming when a friend who moved to Alabama requests to jump in your Halo game. I digress. With Nintendo, just blow into the cartridge a little, plug the set, turn on the set, and you have your game. Furthermore, there’s the nostalgia factor. Many of us in computer repair and IT support grew up in this era. So when we turn on Nintendo classic, we turn on a piece of childhood or adolescence.  Why do you think Nintendo classics sale out so quickly?

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