The French Election: Are Hackers Targeting?

The French Election

The French Election: Are Hackers Targeting?

To this day, some say hackers caused Donald Trump to win the brutal election of 2016. But in France, another brutal presidential election plays out. Also, some believe hackers are playing a role. The French election: Are hackers targeting?

Tomorrow is France’s Election Day. The presidential race is between politically moderate Emmanuel Macron and conservative, and often controversial, Marie LePen. But yesterday, Marcon’s people said hackers dumped a massive computer hack on him. So here is their story. Somebody posted 9GB of data to website EMLEAKS to Pastebin. That’s a secret document sharing website. The timing is funny. Because it’s just 36 hours before the election. However, polls show Marcon leading LePen.

So far, we don’t know who did the hacking. In fact, we don’t even know if a hacking took place. But if it did, it violates France’s rules regarding influencing an election. French leaders are staying far away from this one. But an election committee will investigate Marcon’s claims. Also, this non-partisan committee told French media not to publish the details. If they did, they could face criminal charges. Like I said, we don’t know where these potential hacks came from. But as usual, Russia gets the blame.

So what? What does an election in France have to do with computer repair? Maybe nothing. But these potential election hacks should concern us. It doesn’t matter if we work in IT support or on a farm or in a classroom, politics affect us all. Elections affect us all. And if hackers from other countries, particularly ones that don’t like us, can sway an election, that’s not good. France is already on edge. In fact, this election is so intense riots are already flaring up. And voting day isn’t until Sunday, May 7. The French election could have been hacked. Is this any good for democracy?

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