Microsoft Fixes Potential Disaster; Or Did They?

Microsoft Fixes Potential Disaster

Microsoft Fixes Potential Disaster; Or Did They?

When it comes to Malware, Microsoft does better at protecting themselves then most. But even they must watch their back. Because there is a new, powerful and scary threat looming over Microsoft, especially the anti-malware system. Microsoft fixes potential disaster, or did they?

Researchers say this threat is so powerful it bypasses any security. Then, it turns over your whole computer system to a hacker. But this threat needs a ‘specific crafted file’. They send this bad file either through email or send them the websites with hardly any protection. Windows’ malware protection system scans this file. But all this software does is let the hacker get into the system. Then, this malware can add or delete however it pleases. That’s how it gets and exploits private information.

This is why the threat is so scary. It abuses and exploits the very system it needs to protect. What’s even scarier is that Windows usually does a great job scanning all content for malware threats. However, this one just passes through. In fact, you don’t even need to open this vile thing before mayhem breaks loose on your computer. All it has to do is just show up. So what is Microsoft doing about it?

This is how Microsoft fixes potential disaster. They’re rolling out a patch. This patch is supposed to close this whole so this threat won’t get through. These updates can take up to 48 hours. However they don’t tell me how to obtain this patch. In computer repair, and at our Boston computer servicing shop, we haven’t seen this issue, yet. But now that you know about this threat, I suggest you do all you can to avoid it at all cost. And if you were hit, then do what you must to rid yourself of it before it destroys or exploits your system. I with I knew more about how Microsoft fixes potential disaster. What tips do you have for prevention?

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