Twitter Updates Privacy Policy: What This Means

Twitter Updates Privacy Policy

Twitter Updates Privacy Policy: What This Means

Are you visiting a site that has a Twitter button or logo? Be careful. Because Twitter knows you’re on that site, whether you push the button or not. Also, they will be sudden targets for advertisers. So Twitter updates privacy policy: What this means.

Yesterday, Twitter updated their privacy policy. So now, they collect and hold your web habits for 30 days. Before this, it was only 10 days. They do this because they want to sharpen their ad targets. Twitter wants to make sure the right ads go to the right people. Furthermore, Twitter updates policy for mobile apps. But wait…there is more.

Yes, you can control what ads come to you. But the Do Not Track option is gone. This options lets you tell websites not to track you. This was huge when they created it back in 2017. But recently, more and more companies, like Hulu, either refused to support it or quit it’s support. Twitter says the Do Not Track app simply didn’t come to much of anything. They will cut off this support on June 18, 2017. However, if you don’t want tracking, Twitter can still help you. There’s still the ‘Privacy and Safety’ setting and other settings. One disables Twitter from seeing when you visited websites.

We can be glad for that. Twitter updates privacy policy. At least there will be a privacy policy. Here in our Boston computer service shop, online/social media privacy is a major concern. So is security against malware. And Twitter hasn’t been doing that well, lately. Not even the NFL can help it. The bullying scandals haven’t help much either. So this is the last thing Twitter wants to be messing with: other people’s privacy. I know businesses have to evolve. We evolve in computer repair all the time. But we also have to realize what time it is. Don’t take away people’s right to protect their privacy.  What does Twitter updates privacy policy mean to you?


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