Video Games Provide Benefits, Part Three

Video Games Provide Benefits, Part Three

Video Games Provide Benefits, Part Three

It’s 2007. I hardly played a video game in 10 years by this point. But this group introduces me to Halo. Hence, my love for gaming comes back. I wish it didn’t leave in the first place. Here’s how video games provide benefits, part three.

In today’s fast pace world, it’s important to think on your feet and think fast. Gaming helps you do that. For instance, you play Halo. You have to think fast! Furthermore, this will improve memory skills in other aspects of life. Video games can even repair brain cells. That’s funny because they always told us video games killed brain cells.

Did you know video games relieve stress? Despite our super technology and super IT support, people have more stress than ever. But games take your mind off of it. It provides a great, and clean outlet. And when you do tackle that stressful issue, you’ll be more able to handle it. But do you think gamers are just for stoners with nothing to do? Think again! Video games help people become better nurses, doctors, and surgeons. That’s because games make you work with your hands, make critical and quick decisions, and do see with minimum stress. So next time a surgeon saves you or a loved one, maybe a video game helped them do that.

That’s something to think about. Think about stress. You could take it out on a video game. Or you can take it out on drug abuse, alcoholism, abusing other people, or other dark paths. So that got me thinking. Video games can save people from themselves. I’ve seen people in computer repair almost go insane. Then they play a game on their phones, or whatever device they have. So video games save stress for a lot of people. These are just some ways video games provide benefits, part three. What are some other ways video games provide benefits?

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