Will Verizon Cut Off Rural Customers?

Verizon Rural Customers

Will Verizon Cut Off Rural Customers?

Will Verizon cut off rural customers? Some reports say so. Some reports also say Verizon will cut off rural services as early as October 17, 2017.

They say it’s because rural customers use lots of data while roaming away from the Verizon wireless network. Furthermore, their ‘primary place of use’ is outside Verizon’s area. So far, they told over 8,000 customers in 13 states they were losing service. Apparently, Verizon cuts off rural customers because it’s cheaper. They’re not the only ones, nor is it the first time. Back in June 2017, Verizon cut off rural customers for using too much data in rural regions.

So this means those who Verizon dumps will have less than a month make do elsewhere. But there is a problem. Many in rural areas chose Verizon because it has vast coverage plans. It could be difficult to find small phone companies with such great coverage. Economics is hardly a factor. Rural and urban income are about the same. However, this follows Verizon’s almost stereotypical pattern. In January 2017: Verizon gave those using over 200GB of data a month a choice. That choice was to lower their data use or look for another Internet provider.

Now I know what the small print says. They can change rules ant terms at anytime. But I don’t think any customer, let alone 8,000 of them, expect to be kicked to the curb so coldly. I know what many of you may say, “It’s just business…Life isn’t fair”. Try telling that to the rural customers whose about to lose their internet and phone, and don’t know where to turn. I know Verizon has a business to run and need to conserve cost. But what about the cost of public opinion? Do they really think the American people will see it that way? Verizon has Yahoo now.They also need to keep perception in mind, like all of us in IT support do. Because from where I stand, this move makes Verizon look like misers. I guess you can’t impress everyone all the time. But will this change your perception of Verizon?

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