TripAdvisor Warns About Business With Bad Behavior


TripAdvisor Warns About Business With Bad Behavior

Many people use TripAdvisor to book hotels, look for restaurants, and other stuff for vacations. Businesses also use this website and app to promote their product/service. If you do, y’all better be on your best behavior. Because TripAdvisor warns about business with bad behavior.

So TripAdvisor will give out warning badges. They are on pages where customers report bad issues. These issues include rape, assault, employee theft, other violence, and discrimination. They removed one complaint from all the way back in 2010. But the travel site got lots of backlash. So they put the warning badges back on. A spokesperson said it will put the badges on anytime there is a health, safety or discrimination issue hindering customers. They even apologized for taking the warning badge system down.

The badge will appear at the very top of the business’ page. So there will be no escaping or denying. In fact, some businesses already know the warning badge’s wrath. Three resorts in Mexico got this badge. I doubt business is booming in these resorts now.  However, maybe TripAdvisor is trying to save face. Because they got in trouble for how they handle reviews. This trouble led to an FCC investigation.

It’s a slippery slope. I say that because businesses pay for TripAdvisor’s services. The FCC argues they could be putting business’ profit over the greater good. I hope that’s not the case. Because whether it’s computer repair, or a travel site, IT support is supposed to be IT support on all levels. This includes reporting places that may not be safe, and being honest about it. So businesses, do all you can to keep your place and customers safe. And make sure your workers are honest, and tolerant. Because if not, the world will hear about it. And customers, be honest and don’t abuse the system. Don’t gave a business a warning badge just because you didn’t get the room you wanted, or some other trivial mess. The warning badge is only if your health is threatened, not your ego. How do you feel about the TripAdvisor warning badge?


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