Google vs Lock Screen Ads

Google vs Lock Screen Ads

Google vs Lock Screen Ads

Google is cracking down on certain ads because they may put you at risk. This also follows years of complaints, especially by Android owners. It’s Google vs Lock Screen ads.

They’re going after shady ads that appear on your lock screen. This is according to Android Police’s new policy. Not only does this imply to fly by night suspicious apps, but popular, established ones as well. Perhaps the most popular app under the gun is ES File Explorer. It already has over 100 million customers, and shows few signs of slowing down. Well, maybe this Google vs Lock Screen ads policy will.

So why are they doing this? Because such ads could open the gates to spyware, and other dangers. Ironically, ads in danger include some anti-virus tools, especially the newer ones. The new policy states only apps that actually promote a lock screen will be acceptable. Furthermore, other ads will not be able to promote a locked device display. It sounds like they gave in to pressure. For example, last year, Reddit users posted a list of apps they thought were guilty of shady lock screen ads. Yes, this did include ES File Explorer. It also included HiFont and 360Security.

However, this isn’t the first time Google cracked down on bad or shady ads. In 2016 alone, they got rid of over two billion such ads. I don’t blame Google for their concern. Here in our Boston computer service shop, we treated spyware that started when they clicked on shady ads. We’ve fixed desktop and had laptops fixed that way. But there is a concern here. They’re also banning ads deemed, ‘offensive and inappropriate’. Those words scare me. Because those words lead to censorship. And with all due respect, we’re living in a culture where everything seems to be offensive to everybody. So yes, if they’re casing spyware and malware, then something needs to be done about that. However, if they’re banning ads because a few people are offended, then what could that lead to?

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