Introducing Google Clips: Is This Special?

Introducing Google Clips

Introducing Google Clips: Is This Special?

So Google is out with a new camera. But this isn’t a security camera, or a typical photograph taking camera. Because this is what they call a smart camera. Introducing Google Clips: Is this special?

So what is the purpose of Google clips? They say it’s to capture life’s little moments. For instance, let’s say a dog does a cool trick, or baby says his/her first word. Then this smart camera would capture that. Just twist the lens and let the camera’s AI technology do the rest for you. They also say it makes seven second life movies they call clips. Hence, that’s where the name comes from.

They want to make it clear: Google Clips is cloud-free. In fact, they have a battery that lasts three hours. That means, you can literally set it down. If it doesn’t catch anything, then it won’t do anything. Because it depends on the AI to detect and capture the ‘life moments’. Then it takes the 7 second clip. So I guess what you could do is charge it overnight, and then turn it on during the day. I saw clips of this smart camera taking pictures with dogs and other pets. Oh, the Google Clips will cost you $249.

Now that I’m introducing Google Clips, there is the ‘so what factor’. What Google is offering with their clips, most people can do with their smartphones by now. You don’t even have to be an IT support or computer repair guru to figure that out. Then, they’re asking you to pay $249 for it. To it’s credit, it does have cool AI tech and machine learning to it. That’s about the only selling point to this thing. But come on. You can capture life moments with their smartphone. You can also capture life moments with your smartwatch or just about anything else these days. Would you by Google Clips?

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