The New G-Mail: Self-Destructing Messages and More

The New G-mail

The New G-Mail: Self-Destructing Messages and More

Do you use Google Mail? If you do, then get ready for some major changes. The new G-Mail: Self-destructing messages and more.

So not only does the new G-Mail have new services, they have new designs. Now, you can take actions like archive, trash, and mark fresh from the inbox. There’s also the new snooze action. With Snooze, you can come back to a certain e-mail whenever you feel like it. But keep in mind snooze is only in the inbox. Say you’re don’t know if a certain email is worth reading or not. Then, you can Snooze it, think about it, and come back to a later before immediately throwing it away.

Then there is the ‘nudging’ feature. Google’s AI technology will determine if your email is important. Google is also using AI to bring smart replies. You can send an email in ‘confidentiality mode’. You choose how long the recipient has to read and respond to the email. Furthermore, you make sure nobody can forward, print, download, copy, or paste the email. Is that not secure enough for you? You can even have send the recipient an SMS message. That way, you send them a password. Then they have to type the password before they can even read the email.

But wait…there’s more. A sidebar feature has Google note taking, as well as a Google calendar. There is even more I can tell you, but we don’t have time too. Hey, our Boston computer service shop is busy with laptops fixed. Some things I like about the new G-Mail. I like the security G-Mail is trying to offer you. I also like the confidentiality it offers. However, I’m weary about them giving AI that much power. You think I’m crazy not being a fan of this AI technology or where it might lead to? Then listen to this recent TED talk, from an expert! That’s another story for another time. What do you think of the new G-Mail?

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