Amazon and Walmart Could Be Watching You

Amazon and Walmart

Amazon and Walmart Could Be Watching You

So do you work for Amazon and Walmart? If yes, then you better read up. Because Amazon and Walmart could have plans to watch you.

The two biggest retail giants in America plan to use IT support and computer technology to keep their people in line. In early 2018, Amazon started making smart wristbands. So at a warehouse, they can make sure there are no idol hands. It has ultrasound devices and enough room to hold the data they collect on you. It even buzzes them about break times. Thankfully, they never put this patent to use…yet.

Then there is Walmart, who has one even better (notice the sarcasm). They have a patent that includes audio surveillance. That means they can listen to employees and customer conversations without the knowledge and approval of either. These sensors can even pick up bag rustling. So don’t try to whisper. They’ll pick that up, too. With customers’ voices, they can even tell how long a line is. It also tells how long a cashier is taking to process a customers’ items. They can study the tone of voice to see how friendly the conversation was. Insiders asked Walmart about this; they didn’t confirm or deny it. But this audio surveillance is not out and it’s not being used…yet.

Yes, I now businesses used different methods to keep employees in line for decades, if not centuries. I read that Henry Ford even used spies and hired goons to keep assembly line workers productive. But this is different. Because in Walmart’s case, they’re not just spying on the employee. They’re spying on the customer, too! And not just to catch shoplifters either. Like I said, this scary piece of IT service (if you even want to call it that) isn’t in use…yet. I hope it never will be because it will effect a lot of people. Do you know Walmart is the biggest employer in 2010s America? So how many conversations would they have to listen to?

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