Amazon Go Store Opens In Chicago

Amazon Go Store Opens In Chicago

Amazon Go Store Opens In Chicago

So Amazon has a new store. But I’m not talking about a new Whole Foods. I’m talking about an Amazon Go store, where there are no cashiers. This is Amazon Go Store opens in Chicago.

But wait? Did you say a store without cashiers? That sounds almost as silly as cars without drivers , or restaurants without waiters (see where I’m going?). However yes, this store has no cashiers and no check-out lines. It opened in the heart of downtown Chicago, just a few blocks from sites like Millennium Park and Navy Pier. It’s only the fourth Amazon Go store to open up, but here what makes this one special. It’s the first Go store to open up outside of Seattle, Amazon’s headquarter city.

However, this won’t be your typical ‘milk, eggs, bread, sugar’ grocery store. This Amazon Go store will sale mostly ready to eat, high end meals. This includes salads, deli-style sandwiches, hot foods, and high end beverages. But wait. If they’re no cashiers and check out stations, then how will we pay? Does this mean we can just take everything for free? Well, not exactly. Camera will follow your every move and your every purchase. After you walk out, Amazon will bill you. So no cash, debit/credit cards, checks, or anything else will be needed.

The only thing about this Amazon Go store opens in Chicago. This particular store will close on weekends. The others don’t. Plus, we may see other Amazon Go stores coming out. They got big plans for San Francisco and New York City. Who knows? They could be coming to Boston, near our computer service shop. But these stores are coming. How fast they’re coming, well, that depends on consumers like you and me. Could you see yourself shopping in a store where you pay nothing immediately, but yet see a bill later?

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