Amazon Increases Minimum Wage: Good Or Bad Thing?

Amazon Increases Minimum Wage

Amazon Increases Minimum Wage: Good Or Bad Thing?

So for years, many people from fast food to retail, protest a $15 minimum wage. So far, they made little headway. In fact, some found their jobs replaced by robots and AI technology. But it sounds like one company hears this protest and is doing something about it. Amazon increases minimum wage.

This includes all Amazon employees, including those from Whole Foods. This also includes the 100,000 seasonal employees that will come. In fact, the holiday shopping season is almost upon us (I know it comes sooner, but that’s another subject). Obviously, this wage increase cover the 250,000 full time Amazon employees as well. This new rule will start on November 1, 2018.

It’s already winning praise outside the IT service and support community. Senator Bernie Sanders urges other CEO’s to follow Jeff Bezos’ example. Then there is Dave Clark, the VP of Amazon. He took a picture, then tweeted it. That picture is of him announcing the wage increase to happy employees. Bezos wants people to know that other benefits will not change. Bezos himself also encouraged other CEO’s to follow his lead. Also, Bezos and other Amazon leaders promise to lobby for a federal minimum wage increase. They say $7.25 is too low. However, they didn’t say how much the national minimum wage should be.

Not too long ago, a customer came in our computer service shop. An Amazon employee, she complained about how her wage was low, despite Amazon being an almost trillion dollar company. I think of hard working Americans like her when I read Amazon increases minimum wage. But keep this in mind. Amazon is a trillion dollar company. They can afford to give their 250,000 employees minimum wage! Some companies can’t. In fact, some retail corporations are hanging by a thread as it is. If you can afford to pay your people $15 minimum, then do it. But some can’t. Also, the cynic in me asks: Will there be any layoffs or other repercussions before they increase their minimum wage?

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