Tech Super Bowl 53 Commercials: What’s Your Favorite

Tech Super Bowl 53 Commercials

Tech Super Bowl 53 Commercials: What’s Your Favorite

So we celebrated another Super Bowl last night. Since our computer repair headquarters are in Boston, then you know we really celebrated (Go Patriots!). But what about the commercials? I read an article that graded them. I have mixed feelings, but here are Super Bowl tech Super Bowl 53 commercials.

First, there was’s Microsoft’s ‘We All Win’ ad. I talked about it a few days ago. To me, this was by far the best commercial of the night (hey, who is cutting onions around here?!). However, I did see some other good ones. There is one from Michelob Ultra the stars a robot. Like in real life, this robot does everything better than humans do. But unlike the humans, the robot can’t enjoy simple human pleasures, like having a beer with friends. In your face, AI/robotic technology!

A close third came from Verizon. This isn’t necessarily a tech commercial, but it pulled at the heartstrings. This one featured football players that honored first responders for saving their lives. Needless to say, this was just as moving as the ‘We All Win’ commercial. In an era where many are cynical of first responders, especially police officers, this is a great reminder of what they really do. They save lives, no matter who you are.

Then there was the really bad ones. Sprint tried to capitalize off sports legend Bo Jackson…while holding a mermaid and playing a synthesizer. I’m old enough to remember the ‘Bo Knows’ commercials from the late 1980s. But does anybody born after 1991 even know who Bo Jackson is? And what was the point of that unicorn? But the worst goes to tech security firm SimpliSafe. They show the world being a very dangerous and ‘big brother’ place (which it is), and IT support contributing to that. Yet, SimpliSafe is the only one that’s going to save you, your home and family from these evils. Okay. I need more evasive, big brother technology to save me from the evasive, big brother technology that’s already out there. Does that make any sense to you?

What was your favorite tech Super Bowl 53 commercials?

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