T-Mobile Spoofs Valentine’s Day

T-Mobile Spoofs Valentine's Day

T-Mobile Spoofs Valentine’s Day

So Valentine’s Day is tomorrow (bah humbug!). But even us in technology, whether computer repair or IT support leadership, have a sense of humor about it. Maybe this is why T-Mobile spoofs Valentine’s Day.

So starting today, T-Mobile starts a Valentine’s Day promotion. But maybe I should call it an-anti Valentine’s Day promotion. Because here, they want you to break up with your carrier and choose T-Mobile. In fact, they even give it a name. That name is, “National Break Up With Your Carrier Day”. Here is an old 2014 commercial that captures that spirit.  Valentine’s Day is a perfect day to woo someone to you. And T-Mobile is using this day to woo you from the hands of their competitors.

I say this because they seem to be breaking out with the deals. They include two smartphones and unlimited lines for $100 a month. It also has auto pay, and many choices of phones. However, none of them include iPhone products. This even includes ‘Netflix On Us’. That’s right. With this plan, they’ll even pay for your Netflix watching habits. But let’s talk about newer, more expensive phones, like Samsung Galaxy S9 and Google Pixel 3. Obviously, they will cost you more. However, let’s say you have a Verizon account and owe them money. During this promotion, T-Mobile says they will pay up to $650 of what you owe to Verizon. That is, if you join them.

Here is a disclaimer. I am not supporting or advertising for T-Mobile, or any other phone company. But I’m reporting how smartphone companies are using Valentine’s Day to promote. That’s nothing new or unusual. However, what catches my eye here is the way they’re trying to woo customers away from the competition on this very occasion. It’s to the point they’re even paying for a bill you may owe to a competitor. This is how T-Mobile Spoofs Valentine’s Day. It reminds of a jilted lover trying to win his/her ex back from the new lover…on Valentine’s Day. Or a single person trying to take somebody’s boyfriend/girlfriend…on Valentine’s Day. That rarely works in the romance world. Will it work here?

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