Traditional or Digital Advertising: Ad Game Is Changing

Traditional or Digital Advertising

Traditional or Digital Advertising: Ad Game Is Changing

So I started in the computer repair business  in the early 2000s. Back then, our biggest source of advertising was the phone book. But today, phone books rarely exist. I don’t need to tell you that. Then I read an article that made me think. Traditional or digital advertising: the ad game is changing.

So the article says the inevitable is happening. They predict that 2019 will be the first year companies will spend more on digital ads than tradition ads. In fact, they say companies will spend over $109 in traditional ads. But they expect companies to spend over $129 billion. In 2018, traditional ads beat digital ads by $6 billion. The tide is turning.

And after digital ads beat traditional ads this year, don’t expect the trend to start. In fact, they say by 2023, businesses will spend 2/3 of all their ad spending on digital advertising. As of right now, Google and Facebook are the beneficiaries of this. They share a combined 60% of digital ad revenue that comes in. However, those numbers are slipping slightly. Guess who the clean up company is going to be? You guessed it, Amazon. Because in the next few years, their US ad revenue should increase by at least 50%.

When I say traditional advertising, I mean things like phone books (assuming they exist), radio, TV, newspaper, etc. When I say digital advertising, I mean basically all thing Internet, social media, and/or smartphone. Look at the Super Bowl. Gone are the days where we had to wait until Super Bowl night to watch the new ads. We can now watch them on You Tube and other places…before they even make it to their TV. As for our computer servicing company, you can bet our ad dollars are going digital. If you want your business to last longer than a year, then I suggest you invest in digital advertising nowadays. It’s not 1994 anymore (though sometimes I wish it was). It’s 2019. But it’s up to you: traditional or digital advertising?

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