Samsung Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Breach

Samsung Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Breach

Samsung Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Breach

So, many people think fingerprint technology guarantees them security on their smartphones. It doesn’t. Look at the Samusung Galaxy S10 fingerprint breach.

So this new smartphone is supposed to lead the world in crypto IT service. Some in the IT support community said this phone is totally hack-proof. But it isn’t. Because according to this telling video, anyone with determination can break into the allegedly super-secure fingerprint scanner. Then, they can get all your ‘crypto’ info, even what’s in your cryptowallet. In fact, all you need is a 3D printer and a pair of gloves to pull this cyber job off.

The man’s video shows he can break into this high-tech system in around 15 minutes. Furthermore, it only took him three tries. He states a 3D print will unlock the phone just as good as the owner’s fingerprint does. Then, anybody can go to town with your Samsung Galaxy 10. This is where the printing gloves come in. Let’s say someone steals the phones. When the thief gets comfortable, they can use the gloves and 3D printer to take your fingerprints and break into your phone with your own fingerprint! The video producer warns about banking apps that demand only your fingerprint.

And if they get your fingerprint and break into your bank account… need I say more. You can virtually kiss your financial security goodbye. That’s just one way the Samsung Galaxy S10 fingerprint breach can wreck your life. So this should be a warning to especially the cryptocurrency makers. Don’t just depend on this revolutionary technology and think you’re invisible. Because clearly, you have work to do. And to consumers who think they can just throw money at the problem, you can’t. Do you really think paying $1,000 for a smartphone will guarantee you safety? Is fingerprint security really any better than password security?

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