Celebrity Almost Shoots Amazon Employee.

Celebrity Almost Shoots Amazon Employee.

Celebrity Almost Shoots Amazon Employee.

So being in delivery can be dangerous in any situation, from food to IT service. But try being a deliverer at night with no uniform. It could have cost somebody his life. A celebrity almost shoots Amazon employee.

That rapper is hip-hop legend and actor Ice-T. On Twitter, he stated an Amazon delivery driver pulled up to his house at night. He had no uniform. In colorful terms, Ice T said he almost shot him. Then he took his complaint to Amazon via Twitter. In no uncertain terms, he suggested Amazon give their delivery drivers uniforms or vests. He also said it isn’t safe for Amazon drivers to keep making deliveries in regular clothes. Of course, Ice T said it in language I can’t quote here.

But how did Amazon respond to Ice T’s complaint and suggestion? Dave Clark, Amazon Sr. VP of Global Operations and Customer Service tweeted back. But the response was about as casual as, “Did you see Game of Thrones Sunday?”. He thanked Ice T for the suggestion and said lots of innovation is coming in this way. Basically, Clark told Ice-T ‘they’re working on it’. Many, many customers on Twitter support Ice T’s call for Amazon to put their drivers in uniforms.

This isn’t the first time Amazon delivery caused an uproar. Because not long ago, one driver stole a dog from a customer. Thankfully, that story ended happily. This one ended peacefully. I agree with Ice T. Every delivery company, post office employee, and food service: What do they have in common? They’re wearing uniforms! At Geek Choice, many of our computer repair experts wear Geek Choice shirts. Now Amazon is the richest company in the world. Surely that can fork over a little cash to keep their people safe and give them uniforms to wear. Clark’s response sickens me. It doesn’t take much ‘innovation’ to create vests and/or uniforms and hand them to their drivers. A celebrity almost shoots Amazon employee because of Amazon’s neglect and carelessness here. Is it going to take a severe tragedy to put their drivers in uniform?

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