The 2019 WWDC Highlights…So Far


The 2019 WWDC Highlights…So Far

So Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference is now underway. It’s taking place between June 3-7 in San Jose, California. But it started with a keynote speech that lasted well over 2 hours. I can’t cover everything, but here are some things that struck me. The 2019 WWDC highlights…so far.

So this is a developer’s conference right? If you’re a developer, then you may be happy with the ARKit 3 and SwiftUI. The ARKit 3 uses better argumented reality to capture subjects. Then the SwiftUI is a new say to develop Swift apps. Here, you can use things like screen rotation. Speaking of apps, let me mention the iOS 13. This new features swears it will help your apps launch twice as fast. It also features dark mode. That’s a darker option if your device is too bright.

However, some other things caught my attention. One thing is the Apple TV gaming controllers. These will work with Xbox One and Playstation. But the real purpose of these is to prepare for their own gaming service, Apple Arcade. Then there is the Apple Watch. Because competition in the IT support watch game is getting fierce. Maybe that’s why they’re making it easier to use the iWatch without depending on your iPhone.

Those are just some of the things that struck me. Now they talked about a lot more, like the new Mac Pro and iPadOS. But the conference is still young. This Apple Watch though, there’s only one thing that’s going to make it competitive with other watches. That’s the price. So far, I don’t hear a thing about that. This goes for all other things Apple as well. I’m not an Apple fan myself, but many of our computer repair clients are. And if you are, here is what’s coming up at their WWDC conference. Those are the 2019 WWDC highlights…so far. What do you want to see from this conference?

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