Taiwan Billionaire Calls For Apple Move From China

Terry Gou

Taiwan Billionaire Calls For Apple Move From China

So by now, most of us know about the trade war between the US and China. In fact, I reported on it some. This does affect the global IT service industry, especially Apple. But one Taiwanese billionaire smells blood. Taiwan billionaire calls for Apple move from China.

That’ billionaire’s name is Terry Gou. He’s the founder of Foxconn, a Taiwanese mega electronics firm. Well…I should say he was. Because as of now, he’s resigning from that position. He’s resigning because he’s running for president of Taiwan. Now, Gou is asking Apple to all their Asian facilities from China to Taiwan. This has further merit because Foxconn is one of Apple’s big supplier of factories and raw electronic goods. Will that persuade Apple to do what Gou asks?

Then there is the economy war with China. In fact, president Trump threatens $300 million worth of tariffs on China made goods. Now think about how many of our Apple products China makes. Do you know how many time in our computer repair office we had to tell a customer “The part comes from China.”? It’s more than I want to think about. But now Apple gets an invitation to get out of there, and move to friendlier waters like Taiwan.

So why do I talk about this? How does this affect consumers like you and me? If Apple honors Gou’s request and moves to Taiwan, then it will definitely affect your prices at the Apple Stores. It probably will affect prices for the better. But it could have the opposite side. Personally, I hope Apple does what Gou is asking. Why continue to do business with people and with nations that seem to hate you? This is especially true when you have an ally like Gou inviting you to friendlier places. Taiwan Billionaire calls for Apple move from China. Will Apple do it?

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