STEM Inspires A Generation

STEM Inspires A Generation

STEM Inspires A Generation

So what to write about today? I can write about how many in the IT service community are already taking sides in this upcoming election. But I’m going to keep it positive. Let’s talk about how STEM inspires a generation.

So STEM means Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Stem started in the 1990s. But in the 2000s, as smartphone and social media tech boomed and changed the world, STEM became critical. Years ago, STEM partnered with FIRST. What FIRST does is have contest and field days teaching kids of all ages, 5-17, to think critically. Their contest includes things like robotics, space, even playing with Lego blocks.

For example, after school, kids can meet with STEM educators. Here, they can learn innovation and leadership through science, technology, engineering and math. Every year, 300,000 kids come to participate in STEM’s FIRST LEGO challenge. They come from all over the world and form teams. They solve real world problems and often use inventions to do so. The winning teams get $20,000. However, this year’s theme is space innovation. They call it Into Orbit, problem solving through space innovation and exploration. As a write this, there are now 20 semi-finalist from 31 countries.

So these teams come from everywhere. They come from Charlotte, NC and Germantown, MD. They also come from Verona, Italy and Rio de Janerio, Brazil. This is how STEM inspires a generation. You know, many say there is little, if any hope for Gen-Z (those born after 1997). I can’t disagree more. Thanks to organizations like STEM, kids want to learn about all things technology. They want to learn about coding, space, robotics, building apps, all the things we’re going to need in the 2020s and beyond. And many of these participants are girls and minorities, the exact people big tech is trying to reach out to. That’s awesome! Would you like a STEM program to come to a town or school near you?

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