Thousands of Dancing Robots: Cute or Creepy

Thousands of Dancing Robots

Thousands of Dancing Robots: Cute or Creepy

So how did you celebrate your 4th yesterday? Did you have good food, good drink, and see good fireworks? Did you see robots dancing in the streets? Because in China, they broke a world record. They had thousands of dancing robots: cute or creepy?

So in China, they lined up over 1,000 robot in horizontal and vertical fashioned. Then, as far as the lens camera can see, these robots dance in perfect sync with each other. Well, I wouldn’t call it dancing. But it looked to me more like military exercises that a powerful army would do. First, they would move their arms back and forth. Okay, the way they moved them had a little rhythm to it.

Then they did a little bow, then more dance, or exercise with their arms. In this video clip, I didn’t see the robots move their arms. This clip went on for over 30 seconds. Apparently, it did make the Guinness Book of World Records. It made it for the most robots dancing in sync at one time. Whoever did this saw it as a thrill, because some of the comments below saw things very different. One joked, “If the end of the world is coming, then at least it will be entertaining.” However, another thought China was showing a dark message by having so many robots dancing at once.

Like it or not, robots will have a massive place in IT service’s future, and in the world’s future. I was at my local grocer a couple of weeks ago. I saw a robot clean the floor, while serving as a security guard for another time. This isn’t a plot from The Jetsons. This is real life, the real world in 2019. So yes, it is happening.Ready or not, here they come. Thousands of dancing robots: Cute or creepy?

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