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Twitter Fights Religious Persecution

Twitter Combats Religious Persecution

So every day, the news headlines shout about something media rarely talks about. That something is religious hatred and harassment. Now, Twitter is doing something about it. Twitter combats religious persecution. In fact, starting today, Twitter updates and intensifies it's rules against hate speech. This especially includes tweets that attack religions and religious groups and denominations. In a safety statement, Twitter blogged their new hate speech rule will include those that dehumanizes other people's religion. It will remove tweets [...]

Space Exploration Trades Publicly

Space Exploration Trades Publicly

So we all know about the new space race. It's not the race to the moon anymore, but a race to get civilians into space. There's also a space race to the NYSE. And now, space exploration trades publicly. So the first one to do this, surprisingly, isn't Elon Musk. In fact, the first one to get a space exploration company to trade publicly is Sir Richard Branson. His Virgin Galactic will trade on the NYSE soon and very [...]

June2019: Worst Internet Month

June 2019: Worst Internet Month

So last week, Facebook couldn't upload pictures. Most of us didn't know why, but we mustered through it. However, it turns out that isn't the only snafu that happened. Let's look at June 2019: Worst Internet Month. In fact, in June 2019, everything that could go wrong in the IT service and IT support world did go wrong. Let's start with June 2. A major Google Cloud shutdown took place. Most of the US east coast, the most populated [...]

Thousands of Dancing Robots

Thousands of Dancing Robots: Cute or Creepy

So how did you celebrate your 4th yesterday? Did you have good food, good drink, and see good fireworks? Did you see robots dancing in the streets? Because in China, they broke a world record. They had thousands of dancing robots: cute or creepy? So in China, they lined up over 1,000 robot in horizontal and vertical fashioned. Then, as far as the lens camera can see, these robots dance in perfect sync with each other. Well, I wouldn't call [...]

Apple iOS 13 Face Time: Is This Feature Worth It?

So they say the eyes are the window to the soul. It looks like Apple's latest developer Beta wants to take that to hear. Apple iOS 13 Face Time: Is this feature worth it? So they call this new feature Face Time Attention Correction. With this feature, they're hoping to make face time deeper and more realistic. For instance, there's a big emphasis on looking the person in the face, particularly the eyes. I'm sure our parents taught us to [...]

Virginia Fights 'Deepfake' Porn

Virginia Fights ‘Deepfake’ Porn

So, how many of you know about 'deepfake' porn? Don't feel bad, because I didn't either until I read about this article. At least one state is fighting this evil. Virginia fights 'deepfake' porn. So deepfake porn uses machine learning to take a photo and strip a woman of her clothes. For instance, a couple has an innocent photo. Then the couple breaks up. The guy manipulates this innocent photo and makes her nude. Then he blasts it all [...]

STEM Inspires A Generation

STEM Inspires A Generation

So what to write about today? I can write about how many in the IT service community are already taking sides in this upcoming election. But I'm going to keep it positive. Let's talk about how STEM inspires a generation. So STEM means Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Stem started in the 1990s. But in the 2000s, as smartphone and social media tech boomed and changed the world, STEM became critical. Years ago, STEM partnered with FIRST. What FIRST [...]

Amazon's Counter Goes After Retail

Amazon’s Counter Goes After Retailers

So we all know Amazon pretty much owns e-commerce retail in the IT service industry. But now, they want to take over traditional retail too. Amazon's Counter goes after retailers. Amazon's new service, they call it Counter. With counter, you can pick up your Amazon purchases at a retailer near you, instead of waiting on home delivery. Furthermore, they already found a retail partner: drug store chain Rite Aid. They will soon and very soon partner with 100 Rite [...]

YouTube Star Etika Passed Away At 29

YouTube Star Etika Passed Away At 29

So on this blog, I talk about You Tube a lot. Because a lot of people in the IT service community follow it. Some have popular channels themselves. However, this is a deeply sad blog I have to report, but it is necessary to talk about. YouTube star Etika passed away at 29. So for those who don't know him, Etika, real name Desmond Amofar, specialized in critiquing video games on You Tube. His favorite brand to talk about [...]

Kitty Hawk and Flying Taxis

Kitty Hawk and Flying Taxis

So when we all think of Kitty Hawk, history comes to mind. Most of us think of the first flight back in 1903. Nothing of IT support or tech innovation comes to mind. But maybe it should: Kitty Hawk and flying taxis. So in this story, Kitty Hawk is an up and coming flying car company. Furthermore, big names in the IT world back this company. I mean names like Google's Larry Page and Udacity's Sebastian Thrun. However, Kitty [...]

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