Author - Damien Moye

A new way to stay in touch

Our exchange of e-mail is one of the most common uses of the internet, with free e-mail accounts comprising the bulk of resources we utilize when communicating with one another. From Yahoo to Hotmail, there is no shortage of choices with which to stay in touch with friends and family, most of them offering similar features you can employ in the management of your mail. Relatively new, having initially been available in just a closed beta, Google now offers Gmail [...]

What kind of laptop are you looking for?

Once a burgeoning niche product, laptops are fast becoming an established alternative for consumers opting for the convenience of portability over  being tied to a desktop. While desktops will continue to be used for tasks that aren’t feasible with the average laptop, the technology of portable computing has progressed to the point that many functions once limited to those desk bound mainstays are now available for people on the move. When choosing a portable computing solution, a number of considerations [...]

CTRL - ALT - DELETE is your friend

CTRL – ALT – DELETE is your friend

Not a day goes by that we don't field a call at our computer service shop from a frustrated user who's swamped by pop-ups while browsing the internet, usually because of an easily avoidable error that's often committed by those who otherwise think they're responding as they should. The scenario is normally as such: While browsing the web, a user will happen upon an unfamiliar site, clicking on a link that results in a number of pop-ups appearing. What many [...]

Perhaps it’s time to try Firefox?

From creating spreadsheets to playing the latest games, we use our computer for multiple purposes, one of the most common being our navigation of the internet.  With the use of the internet occupying so much of our time, it stands to reason that we’d want to enhance that experience as best we can. When it comes to internet browsers, there isn't a more ubiquitous one than Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Bundled with Microsoft Windows, the most widely used operating system in [...]

Fragmentation can be frustrating

Slow performance is the toll incurred by every computer, no matter how cutting edge it was when purchased.  While the technology housed within the computer remains static, the industry behind that technology moves forward,  always introducing new advances in how we compute. The frustration we feel when confronted by slow performance is understandable, when considering its impact on our use. From diminished productivity in the office to its interruption of our home use, sluggish performance is a common problem that [...]

Be careful of what you post on Myspace and Facebook

As we all know, social networking is all the craze, with everyone from our children to the family dog posting updates on their social networking site of choice -- the most popular ones being Myspace and Facebook. These sites allow you to stay in touch with family, catch up with old friends you've lost contact with, and introduce bits of your life for public consumption. While these sites are tremendously beneficial for the aforementioned uses, particularly when it comes to [...]

When to Repair and When to Replace.

One of the most frequently asked questions in this field is:  should I pay for computer repair or get a new computer instead?  This isn't as tough to figure out as it sounds.  Some people have an emotional attachment to their computers that makes it a bit more difficult than it has to be, but usually it's pretty simple.  So, let's go over how to make the decision to repair or replace. As a PC repair technician when I am [...]

Grand Opening

Welcome to the new, the blog for Geek Choice, the best on-site computer repair company around.  In business since 1996 and  headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts we are a nationwide computer service company specializing in:  Computer Setup, Spyware Removal, Virus Removal, Data Backup and Recovery, Wireless Networking, Network Setup, Computer Repair, Firewalls, and much more. We hope to provide you with the latest news and updates that you need to keep up to date with the world of computers and [...]

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